Benefit for the organization

  • serves a comprehensive appraisal of the "soft facts" (team quality)
  • represents a substantiated basis for continuous improvement
  • reveals differences between low and high performance teams and facilitates a goal-oriented, mutual exchange of experiences (Good Practice)
  • fosters open communication, learning from errors and a trustful working culture
  • strengthens the commitment of the employees to the organization
  • underpins the implementation of self-regulated teamwork in organizations
  • serves the effective management of change processes such as the restructuring of work procedure

Numerous requirements according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 for teamoriented organizational structures are fulfilled by TeamPuls┬«:

1. The (proven) continuous improvement.

2. A pertinent approach applies (data, facts and figures).

3. A process-oriented approach is applied (evaluation, proof of effectiveness ).

4. Involvement of the employees.

Relevant requirements of the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000: 5.4.2; 5.6.2; 5.6.3; 6.2.2; 8.1.2; 8.2.1; 8.2.2; 8.4; 8.5