Application in several teams

1. Coordination with the responsible team leader and with the workers' council and data protection officer, if applicable

  • Specify goals and framework (e.g. voluntariness, anonymity) for Check with TeamPuls
  • Present and "approve" evaluation example and questionnaire
  • Present and modify data collection and evaluation procedures
  • Present an overview of all teams to be included and team leaders
  • Dfine further activities, responsibilities and timetable

2. Registration of the teams in the personal cockpit via

  • Register check for each team (see also "Implementation in a team")
  • If applicable, order organizational adaptation of the questionnaire and cross-team evaluation

3. Information for managers (team leaders)

  • Present goals and framework of the use of TeamPuls
  • Present the procedure for data collection and evaluation
  • Giving instructions for the implementation (clearly communicate team codes, team leader codes and deadlines, introduce completion of the online survey)

4. Carrying out the team checks

  • Team leaders inform their teams in team meetings about goals and procedures
  • Project manager of the survey or a team consultant controls the use of TeamPuls with the help of his personal cockpit, supports the team leaders in case of questions and problems, informs about participation quota

5. Preparation of the evaluation reports

  • For project managers respectively team consultants the evaluation report will be available (via the personal cockpit) not later than five working days after the deadline, if necessary print out team evaluation for each team
  • Project manager or team consultant can order a cross-team evaluation in the Personal Cockpit
  • Formulate important core statements (e.g. Top Five vs. Trouble Five) for cross-team evaluation according to the specific goals of the team pulse application

6. Evaluation with the team leaders

  • Project manager or team consultant presents the cross-team evaluation to team leaders and their managers
  • In case of cross-team need for action for the entire organization/unit, work out first approach to solve the need respectively define measures  
  • Each team leader receives his team evaluation
  • Clarify the procedure for the evaluation in the teams (e.g. methodology, moderation by team consultant / team leader, schedule)

7. Evaluation in the team

  • Team leader or team consultant moderates the evaluation (usually approx. 2-3 hours, divide between several team meetings if necessary)
  • Instructions for team evaluation and (last page of the evaluation report)
  • Briefly present the cross-team evaluation
  • Present and discuss team evaluation, analyse strengths and improvement potentials of the team and develop measures to improve cooperation
  • Arrange follow up meeting to monitor success (usually after 3 to 6 months)

8. Conclusion of the team evaluations with the team leaders

  • Team leaders report the results and the response of the evaluations in their teams while maintaining the confidentiality
  • Clarify open questions and problems
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing measures and agreements, derive further cross-team measures if necessary   

TIP: Before using TeamPuls® in the field, first carry it out in the management team itself (e.g. department manager and team leader)!