Preliminary considerations

The following questions help you to prepare the usage of TeamPuls®

1. What type of questionnaire would you like to use?

  • Standard version: The 7 success factors are measured with 56 items
  • Additional team type-related modules: 10 team type-related statements for each team type which cover the specific requirements of different team types (leadership, production, social services, technical services, sales and consulting).
  • Organizational adjustments: If you would like to make specific organizational adaptions, e.g. change formulations to the internal organizational language or substantiate statements with organization-related examples please contact the TeamPuls┬« specialist group (e-mail: and let us know your adaptation requirements. These will then be included in your questionnaire as soon as possible.

2. Should the questionnaire be completed online or as a paper-pencil version?

3. Would you like a benchmarking and if so, which one?
On the one hand, it is possible to compare the team results with the total sample of teams from different industries and team types. On the other hand, the team results can be compared with a sample of team types.

4. Would you like a cross-team evaluation if you are using the questionnaire in several teams?
If you are leading several teams, a cross-team evaluation can be useful for a complete overview. The evaluation can be conveniently generated via the personal cockpit.

As an additional service, we offer to support you in interpreting results and formulating core statements.