Team evaluation

The team profile resulting from the TeamPuls® check is presented in a detailed evaluation report. The report includes:

  • Description of the 7 success factors
  • Presentation of the team´s profile with the respective standard deviations
  • Means and standard deviations of each item
  • Pre-post-profile for comparison with the foregoing teamcheck
  • Benchmarking with a comparative sample, presented as percentile ranks
  • Comparison of team leaders vs. team members evaluations including an overview of striking discrepancies
  • Guidelines for review within the team

Cross-team evaluation

In the comprehensive evaluation for multiple teams, the results of several teams (maximum 8) are compared. The report can be conveniently generated via the personal cockpit (reports/cross-team evaluation). This report includes:

  • Number of participants and response rates
  • Description of the 7 success factors
  • Means of the success factors across all teams
  • Benchmarking of success factors across all teams
  • Comparison of the means of the success factors across the individual teams
  • Comparison to the previous survey (pre-post-comparison)
  • Listing and comparison of striking item values (MW < 2.5) per success factor across the individual teams


As an additional service, we offer to support you in interpreting the results and formulating statements in accordance with the specific goals of TeamPuls® deployment.